Management and Control

Management and Control

Manager – manages the hospital under the powers conferred by law
Dr. Ana Popova
tel: +359 2 / 981 60 61

Head nurse

Mariya Todorova
tel: +359 2 / 939 90 30

Katja Nikolova
tel: +359 2 / 981 25 21

Msc.pharm. Anastasia Stoilova
tel: +359 2 / 981 92 47

Manager creates the following committees under the Health Establishments Act:
1. Medical Council – a consultative council assisting the Manager in its activities.
2. Medical – Control Commission – Controls the effectiveness and quality of medical services and medical standard of Psychiatry.
3. Committee on nosocomial infections – develops and controls a plan to deal with nosocomial infections.
4. Committee on drug policy – defines and controls the drug policy in ODPZS.
6. Committee on Medical Ethics – considers and makes a decisions on matters related to ethics in providing medical services with the complaints and signals.
7. Oversight Committee for the implementation of measures for temporary restriction
8. Health care Council – controlling unit , which assist the chief nurse.
All committees operate under rules for their activities approved by the Manager and issue meeting reports for their work.
According to the needs of the hospital and with his order, the manager can create and commissions and councils other than those listed abo