City Psychiatric Clinic – Sofia was founded nearly sixty years ago, in the autumn of 1951, on blvd. “Vasil Levski” 126. In March 1954 a hospital with 75 bed space was founded in the building on “Iskar” Street 59; in 1970 outpatient sector also was founded, located on “Iskar” Street 64. . In 1975 was founded an emergency psychiatric help cell which was later turned in to a division and in 1978 is founded psychiatric day care center with 25 bed space. In 1998 the City psychiatric clinic was renamed into Center for Mental Health “Professor Nicolas Shipkovenski” , with provided a new 7-storey building Ekzarh Joseph “№ 59, containing 80 bed space.

With the launch of the Health Reform Center for Mental Health “Professor Nicolas Shipkovenski” was transformed in the “District Dispensary for mental illness with a hospital – Sofia City LTD”. Trading company was registered with the Decision № 1/13.02.2001 of the Sofia City Court under company file № 1534/2001, the Decision № 2 of 10.06.2005 of the SCC is listed with a second partner change, “Metropolitan Medical Holding EAD and accordingly such registration, Ltd. / 51% – “Sofia Medical Holding PLC and 49% – Metropolitan Municipality. With subsequent changes in accordance with Decision № 132/26.02.2009 on the SMC, sole shareholder of the hospital is Metropolitan Municipality / 100% / registered with the circumstances of the lot with a Certificate № 20090414100451/14.04.2009 on the Registry Agency.

In reference to the legal changes in 2010, municipal dispensaries are re-registered as required by ZIDZLZ Decision № 513/23.09.2010 on the SMC, in particular Certificate № 20101021090229/21.10.2010 on the Registry Agency “ODPZS – Sofia City Ltd. was re-registered in the Center for Mental Health “Prof. N. Shipkovenski Ltd with principal Metropolitan Municipality / 100% /.

According to Article 48 of the Law on hospitals, the Minister of Health has issued a permit for carrying out medical activities № OD-258/08.11.2001, which is uploaded with permission № OD-258/03.09.2007 d . in connection with the disclosure in 2007 of the ER without beds, and later by Decision OD-258/03.06.2009 on the activity of ODPZS – Sofia City LTD.